Tips for Restaurant Renovation

Tips for Restaurant Renovation


Restaurant renovation is more than just a facelift. The entire transformation of your establishment will enable you to create space for improvement and hence increase sales. Renovation does not come cheap and therefore you should be able to figure out what to do before digging deep into your pockets.


What is the time


There are two aspects of time when it comes to restaurant renovation. First and foremost, how long has your restaurant been having the same layout and design? If you have had the same design for over 5 years then it is time to unleash a new look. Next thing is that you need to ensure that your designs are timely. Always ensure that you are ahead of the curve. It’s said that if you have waited till you restaurant needs a remodel then you have already waited too long. The expert recommendation is that every restaurant needs a facelift after every 5 or 7 years.


Decide who or what you are targeting


After deciding that you do need restaurant renovation, you need to decide who the entire design will be for. Who are the people you want to see walking through the restaurant door? Are rebranding or simply refreshing what was there previously? It could be you are trying to create more space, give the place a new lease of life in order to increase your revenues.


What is the restaurant’s personality


Your business is a separate entity from the owner so the question is, if your restaurant were a person, how would they look? It can be an expression of formality, culture or fun. The personality contributes to the type of clientele you attract and the mood generated. This is seen in the colors you choose, the space and setting.


Work with a construction contractor


You will need to sit down with a construction contractor who is well versed in the restaurant industry. This is because they are well placed to deal with whatever they have on their plate. Restaurants have a unique layout of ovens, registers, dishwashers and all other restaurant items. Service Professionals Team is well experienced when it comes to dealing with Project management of all sizes. Some of the services you should expect are;

  • Sourcing of materials and preparation of tender documents
  • Planning of the construction work and schedule
  • Hiring, supervision and inspection of work quality
  • Client is always kept up to date on work progress or changes.

Have a work timeline for Restaurant Renovation

You should work hand in hand with your contractor. The renovation should be completed within a certain time frame so that your business is not affected. You will need to consult the construction contractor on whether the restaurant will remain open or closed during the renovation period. Ensure that it is a healthy time period since you also don’t want to lose your employees to other restaurants. You should also take into the consideration the period it will take for you to get all the required permits.


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