Our Process – How we Manage Your Renovation

Step 1: Planning

We work with your designs and create a preliminary budget for your renovation project. (If you don’t have a design we can connect you to some great interior designers that we have worked with). In this stage we will finalize the engineer drawings and create a timeline for the renovation work.

Step 2: Documentation

During the documentation stage we secure all necessary work and building permits needed to begin our work; this includes city and municipal permits, WSIB clearance, insurance, and permission guidelines from commercial buildings with leased spaces. We also strictly ensure that all building codes are properly followed.

Step 3: Building the Specifications

In step 3 we write up the building specifications which include detailed instructions on what materials will be used and how they should be installed for each sub-contractor. At QPM we provide detailed specs that establish a high level of workmanship and we include follow-up procedures to ensure that our high quality standards are met.

Step 4: Tender

We prepare a request for tender for materials, products, and contractor services. Once these requests are complete, we will create a finalized project budget.

Step 5: Managing the Contractors

We create a detailed work schedule to manage the contractors and to make sure work is completed on schedule. We also maintain daily communication, inspect and audit their work, and engage new contractors if necessary.

Step 6: Ensure Completion of Renovation

We perform contractor evaluations to ensure the work is completed up to our standard. In this stage we conduct a walk through to ensure that all safety requirements and code standards have been met. Then we host a client walk through to confirm that all work has been completed as outlined.

Step 7: Warranty Management

We provide complete management of all of your construction materials and workmanship warranties. We keep track of your warranty offers and we will file for claims if any issues arise.

If you would like to learn more about our process or if you would like to get started on your commercial renovation then contact us for more information; we’re happy to answer your questions.

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