Q. Is there really a difference between project managers and general contractors?

Yes, an expensive one. General contractors generally quote impractically low prices to increase the likelihood of obtaining a job. It’s called ‘going after price.’ It ultimately means that it will cost you more even though you were given a low initial quote. A general contractor’s quote is elastic, whereas a project manager’s like Quality Project Management’s isn’t. The price we give for the initial quotation is the only price you’ll pay for managing your project.

Q. What if I need to alter my project, will this cost me more?

If you hire a general contractor then any change—regardless of how minor—will necessitate an increase in their costs. Quality Project Management strives to keep the pricing consistent. We maintain a fixed fee and do not mark-up for changes in construction.
You only pay more for project bonuses if the project is completed on time. However, the bonus paid is only a fraction of your ultimate savings for our completing the project early. Either way you win: on time or early completion.

Q. Why do I have to pay a bonus for the project being completed early?

Because an incentive bonus ultimately saves you money. Completing a project early saves thousands of potential construction and renovation dollars. Paying a bonus is a small price to pay, as it were, as opposed to ongoing construction costs.

Q. Is your ‘fixed fee’ really fixed?

Yes. Call us today so that we can schedule a detailed discussion of your project and provide you with a written quote—including the fixed fee.

Q. Do you do small projects, like commercial common-area washrooms?

We do. In fact, we’ve done lots of them, and our clients have been delighted with the appearance of the final results as well as our timely completion of the projects.

Q. Will inclement weather alter the cost of the project?

No. Aside from some catastrophic act of God, even the most bizarre of Toronto’s winter weather will not keep us from completing your project on time (or early). Neither will downtown traffic. When we commit to a completion time, then we meet it. Every time.

Q. Most groups I’ve already contacted are not insured, are you?

It’s wise to check around; most of our competitors are not insured, which means potentially dire consequences for construction-services projects. We are completely insured and WSIB certified, too. It costs us a substantial annual fee to be insured, which we do not pass along to the end-user, but we feel it’s worth it. Your peace of mind during the project and after makes it worthwhile.

Q. Do you warranty your end-result work?

Of course, for one full year after the client walk-through. At the completion of the project, we do a close and slow walk-through with the client and compile a detailed deficiency list in consultation with the client. We then resolve all issues after the walk-through to the client’s 100% satisfaction in a timely, efficient, and unobtrusive manner.

Q. Are you insured?

We are fully insured. That’s important, by the way. You may want to ask around and see if our competitors are similarly insured. While you’re at it, ask if they’re WSIB certified, too. One more thing: see if they’ve had injuries or WSIB claims. We haven’t. That’s not to say it won’t happen tomorrow, but it does stress our commitment to quality in all we do.


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